26 - 27 October 2017 / Singapore
An ACCESS Health Conference for Asia
Fintech for Health
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Fintech for Health

Fintech for Health is a high level conference exploring key opportunities at the intersection of fintech and health tech. We are bringing together people and partners from across sectors to envision healthcare of the future— one that is patient centered, high quality, affordable, and accessible. We will explore how the integration of fintech with digital health technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, can result in improved healthcare access and quality, across resource poor to resource rich settings.

Hear from experts on real world health systems challenges and the innovative approaches that companies and governments are using to tackle them. Explore the role of deep technology in making health financing more secure and efficient. Meet like minded individuals and organizations across industry, development, and government who are committed to outcomes and impact.

Who Attends


Corporations looking to expand their market reach through new financing models and partnerships. Industries include, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Technology, Finance, Insurance and reinsurance & eCommerce

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers interested in deploying new technologies to improve efficiency and quality of care, such as who are hospital and health systems CEOs, COOs, and CFOs, health systems administrators and innovation team leaders


Established startups looking for growth opportunities, such as Fintech & eCommerce startups, Health tech startups, and Insuretech startups

Regulatory Experts

Regulatory experts and policy planners who can enable the development and deployment of more affordable, high quality care through technology, such as regulatory leaders and policy planners

Academics and Researchers

Researchers studying new applications in health services and systems, demographic change, health economics, deep tech, innovative partnerships, and public policy.

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Featured Speakers


Day 1
26 Oct 2017
Day 2
27 Oct 2017

Health Financing Needs in Asia

Hear from development and international non profit organizations on the most pressing health financing challenges across Asia. Learn from their experiences delivering care and working with local health systems. What are the on the ground needs, and opportunities, for new models of financing and technology integration?

Health Insurance: Achieving the Access, Cost, Quality Triad

Insurtech is advancing and gaining traction among insurance, reinsurance, and healthcare industries. How are insurance companies expanding and innovating to increase assess, reduce cost, and improve quality? What do they still need from a partnership and technology perspective to make the most of rich data and deliver customer satisfaction, while becoming increasingly efficient and transparent?

Financing Pharmaceauticals and Access to Medicine: The need for new models

Generic medications are making therapies more affordable, while innovative medicines may still be out of reach for many. How are pharmaceutical companies partnering with digital solutions providers and industry partners to deliver affordable, comprehensive treatments? Can digital health and fintech integration improve the 5As– access, affordability, awareness, acceptance, and activation—of pharmaceutical uptake?

Value-based care: Incentivizing better outcomes

Healthcare systems are increasingly moving from a fee for service model to a value based care model, tying together quality and payments. For value based care models and outcomes based payment models to function well, how can financial and healthcare data be integrated into seamless platforms to simultaneously deliver both quality and affordability?

Mobile payments and mHealth across geographies

Mobile payments are becoming commonplace in some markets in Asia while others are initiating early adoption. MHealth and telemedicine is being used to reach people who have easier access to a smart phone than a doctor. These two segments provide the most straight forward path and lowest barrier to integration of fintech and digital health. How can corporations and startups alike integrate mobile payments and mHealth solutions in order to reach more people and leverage on each other’s successes and reach?

Data Analytics: Distilling big data for actionable decision making

Big data. Artificial intelligence. Data mining. Data visualization. How is sophisticated data analytics being used to guide decision making and help clinicians and policy planners alike prepare for health systems of the future? What lessons can fintech and health tech learn from each other, and from outside industries, in using data analysis for the greatest benefit to populations?

Blockchain for health: Transforming strategy

Governments and industry alike are developing new blockchain use cases for a secure, transparent, and validated flow of data in healthcare systems. Blockchain networks are being used as an instigator for new partnership models and new strategies built on collaboration and trust. What do the next one to two years hold for blockchain in healthcare, and which organizations are leading the way? How can we apply not just the technology but also the lessons from fintech use cases of blockchain?

Accelerating solutions: Co industry innovation and public private partnerships for health

Co industry partnerships and public private partnerships are the way forward. How can new partnership models accelerate adoption of new technologies and business models? How does a partnership move from idea stage to execution stage, in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved? What factors increase the likelihood of a successful partnership?

Regulatory frameworks for the integration of fintech and digital health

Fintech and health tech both involve the transfer of highly sensitive data and are regulated as such. What are current issues around fintech and health technology regulatory frameworks, and what lies ahead for fintech and health tech regulation? How can governments enable the integration of fintech and health tech solutions, ensuring privacy, efficiency, and access in the process? How are corporations and startups proactively building products and services to pass regulatory requirements on the horizon?

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